Jamie Brown, Born 1983, London.

Foundation - Camberwell College of Arts

BA Hons - University of Brighton

Jamie works across numerous mediums, encompassing collage, drawing, wall painting, design & sculpture.

His practice is characterized by a number of attributes:

A willingness to embrace risk and take chances, both in a literal sense as well as artistically. To work fast, let the process dictate the outcome and build on happy accidents.

On spatial projects he works in a site specific manner, making the most of every architectural characteristic and tailoring visuals to interact with existing structures and surfaces.

Jamie relishes the power of simple silhouettes, vivid colour palettes and lo-fi pattern to grab attention, jog memory or make wry observations about the way we live our lives.

Whether visual language be pure abstraction or landscape, he enjoys reducing elements to their simplest graphic form.


12 Kilndown Gardens, Margate CT9 3EG

07985 185 825


Ace Hotel




Metropolitan Museum of Art

Omidyar Network


2019 'Interference' group show with Bruno Conrad & Haroun Hayward at Rivington Rooms, London

2019 'Collect, Assemble' Group show with Thomas Petherwick & E J R Barnes at Dudley Waltzer, London

2019 'Creekside Open' Group show curated by Brian Griffiths at A.P.T Gallery, Deptford, London

2017 'Sottsass Retrospective' group showcase at The Metropolitan Museum of Art store & Met Breuer store, New York

2017 'A rock and a hard place' group show at V3 Gallery, Waterloo, London

2015 'S.A.D' group show curated by Donal Sturt at Protein Studios, London

2013 'In Our Manor' group show with Sean Rennison-Phillips & Goodchild at Finchley Arcade, London

2013 'So Sottsass' group Showcase with Darkroom & Hay plus many more at Darkroom, Bloomsbury, London

2012 'Silverlink' group show with Will Robson-Scott Jack Murray & Dominic Corry at Klughaus Gallery, New York

2012 'Cracked' group show curated by Topsafe, London

* Design & Dev byadrien-m

Jamie Brown